Healthy Diet, Gawing Habit – For Life!

“Healthy Diet, Gawing Habit – For Life!” -National Nutrition Council’s Nutrition Month 2017 theme

For this year’s celebration of Nutrition Month, the National Nutrition Council intensifies the call to observing a healthier diet. In NNC’s official website, the committee urges both food consumers and producers to consider healthier options in order to prevent the risks unhealthy diet entails.

To help respond to this call of a healthier way of living, FPSDC is proud to present its F&C products organically produced by our member cooperatives. Our products include organic rice, muscovado sugar, jam and jellies among many others.

For an easier access to these products, FPSDC recently launched, an online platform intended for the buying and selling of the said healthy and organic products. also help further the reach of the products of our members which is why patronizing F&C would not only help your health, but more importantly, would also benefit our local farmers and fisherfolk.

There’s no better time to turn to a healthier lifestyle than today. Come and join us as we venture towards a healthier and more sustainable tomorrow!

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